Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My skincare routine

Hello readers :) I think there are about 40 of you...it's a great start.

I want to share my skincare routine with you. I've previously stated that my favorite cosmetic brand is Lush, and this post will be a perfect representation of my love for the company. Every product I use on my skin regularly is from Lush! 

I cleanse my face twice a day using the above products.

Cleanse with Dark Angels.
Spray Breath of Fresh Air Toner on my face.
Apply Grease Lightning to my entire T-zone, where I am very oily.

Cleanse with Aqua Marina.
Spray Breath of Fresh Air Toner on my face.
Apply Grease Lightning only on break out areas.

2-3x a week I use Ocean Salt to cleanse and exfoliate usually in the AM in place of Dark Angels.

The products:

Dark Angels is a rhassoul mud and charcoal based exfoliating cleanser, great for oily and clogged skin.

Aqua Marina is a calamine and kaolin based cleanser that is super soothing for sensitive skin.

Dark Angels up close:

Breath of Fresh Air is a seawater toner great for refreshing parched skin.

Grease Lightning is a tea tree blemish treatment that banishes oils and clears up acne prone sin, naturally.

Ocean Salt is my favorite Lush product! It is a coconut cream, lime, and sea salt face (and body!) scrub that exfoliates and brightens skin. It is fantastic for oily/combination skin and smells like heaven.

I love Lush products because they're all handmade and use naturally beneficial ingredients. 

What is your skincare routine? Have you ever/do you currently use Lush products for your face? Comment below!

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