Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Hair Color Refreshing Spray

Hi all :)

Today I want to share a little DIY project for you to try for your hair. I started soaking my hair in brewed rooibos tea to gently refresh my dyed red/gold hair color about once a week. Sometimes I found my hair looked refreshed, and other times not so much. If I kept the soak on longer in shower, it would work better. In the shower, however, when I poured the tea mixture on my hair, it wouldn't soak in well, thus leading to this idea...

I brewed a mixture of hot water and rooibos and herbal peach tea together overnight in a regular, ceramic mug. I then added a few drops of my Organix Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil to the mixture. The fragrance from the tea is so lovely that I did not need to add anything more to make it smell sweet. I also added a little sea salt, but you could do without it. I put my mixture in an empty hairspray bottle and put it in the fridge.

This DIY refreshing spray is literally cold and refreshing, but can be used at any time. Tea can be drying, so it can also be used to soak up some oilies and refresh your style while replenishing the color slightly. You can spray it on your hair and let it soak in while wet and just let it dry, or while your hair is dry.

Tea for hair:

Blonde hair, use chamomile.
For golden hair, use chamomile and herbal peach tea.
For red hair/red toned hair, use rooibos and herbal peach tea.
For golden brunettes, use herbal peach tea and black tea.
For dark brown hair, use black tea.

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